The food region Sörmland

 Proud Food  in Sörmland wishes to inform, inspire and activate everyone who views food as  an important force in the  development  of the county.

The interest in food and beverages, in locally produced and organic products, is greater than ever, not least in the food region Sörmland. Businesses in the food industry work tirelessly to satisfy consumer needs. Discussions are held, new meeting places are set up, ideas, education programmes and collaborations are developing.

There are positive trends in the food county of Sörmland. Many of the ambitious targets set up in autumn 2013, when the food strategy Proud Food in Sörmland was presented, have been achieved ahead of the deadline. Turnover is nearly SEK 10 billion in the nearly 3,500 companies. Working with food from the land to the table, and in the county the industry employs around 11 000 persons.

In municipalities and county councils there are ambitious investments to increase the share of locally produced food as well as offer food made from scratch. The public sector food in the county already ranks at the top in Sweden in terms of organic purchases.
the positive development means that the steering group must revise the targets for 2020 already this year.


Let’s face the future together

Sörmland is already considered to be one of Sweden's strongest food regions with good conditions for producing food from land to table. We have fertile land, proximity to major markets and especially driven entrepreneurs and competent food artisans. Still, there is room for improvement. We have a good chance of succeeding in making Sörmland one of the country's three leading food regions – if we do it together.

Proud Food in Sörmland is aimed at everyone who works with food in the county, in one way or another, from decision-makers to employees. Through planned and regular conversations, where we share ideas and skills, we can achieve our goal much faster than we would working alone. It’s also much more fun, especially because increased communication and exchange of ideas between businesses in the food industry at different levels generates inspiration, followed by new approaches and ideas. This also means that all the participants benefit from interesting information about food-related education, meetings, get-togethers, events and competitions.